December 2021

year end 2021






Dear Freewalkers,

Just before this year ends we would like to reflect a bit on the year 2021.

It started with a lockdown and we were not allowed anymore to publish our walks. The Freewalkers walked anyhow, but also other small groups and we connected through Whatsapp. We avoided as much as possible the villages and public places. We did not want to create a negative image of the Freewalkers because in the end we are guests in Greece. In May the groups came again together and we were very happy about that.

The summer was very warm but we still continued our walks, often in the evening with drinks and dinner afterwards. Around Vasilitsi we had a lot of wildfires and also some Freewalkers were affected but luckily no casualties. In September we started the new season with a new very international Freewalkers team and a traditional kick off with a party at villa Koch with enough beer donated by Hans as he did already so many years. In September we started again with the official and announced walks, both on the website and on facebook. A lot of walkers joined us for the first walk.

On October 27 we had our 10 years anniversary. 10 years what a successful story. 54 Freewalkers joined that day the walk and the party afterwards. We are very proud that we were able to continue for 10 years the walks in this beautiful country. For the anniversary we had buttons designed and produced for every Freewalker and you can put your name on it. Almost every Freewalker wears the button with pride on every walk since then. Thanks to Hannes from Vienna who donated the first round of buttons.

We as Freewalker team do our best to keep the website and facebook up to date, we would like to plan new trails, also evening walks and do other things together (like the Kalamata city tour for example).

We want to thank everybody for your involvement in and loyalty to the Freewalkers. It gives us the feeling that we are on the right track. We want to plan and organize much more beautiful walks with you in the year 2022 and beyond.

And last but not least: We wish you all Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year without Covid 19.

Your Freewalkers team: Karin, Manfred, Pier and Gerben